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Wooden Flooring

There are many options to consider when thinking about installing a new wooden floor from the type of wood to the thickness, style and finish of the flooring. You might also want to consider whether yoou have under floor heating installed which can be a very efficient way to heat your home. To help you out here are a few things you may want to consider when thinking about your new flooring:


Good quality wooden flooring can last a long time, particularly in comparison to carpet which may need to be replaced every 5 years or so. Wooden flooring varies in quality depending on how much you're willing to spend. Generally laminate flooring is cheaper to buy and install than hardwood and the other benefit is that it's more scratch resistant. However if you're looking for better quality and longer durability from a wooden floor your best option is to look to a type of hardwood floor. Hardwood is the real deal of wooden flooring and depending on the type of wood you select, can add considerable value to your home. Hardwood can can be repaired by sanding imperfections and refinishing and therefore will likely last for years to come, unlike laminate which is more difficult and costly to repair. The types of hardwood flooring available depends on the look and finish you're wanting to achieve and what best fits with your home. Examples of hardwood include solid oak, ash, bamboo, maple and beech wood.


Installing under floor heating at the time of laying a new wooden floor is a great option as wood is a good medum for heat, which when installed under floor is considered a very efficient way to heat your home. Many people find it comfortable under foot, particularly in winter or in older properties which may be more difficult to keep warm.




Wooden floors are generally low maintenance as they are easy to clean and a lot more hygenic than carpet which can harbour dirt and parasites - particularly problematic for people with dust allegeries or pets. Wooden flooring can easily be swept and mopped keeping it clean and fresh. To further improve the ongoing maintenance of your wooden floor you should consider the finish such as a matt lacquer, oil or lacquer finish to keep your wood protected, keep it easy to maintain and increase it's durability.




The cost of your wooden flooring can vary considerably depending on the type of wood, grade, style and finish you choose. DW kitchens and joinery cater for all types of requirements and are happy to help guide you to ensure you get the right flooring for you and your budget. New flooring is an investment which effects your family's health, aesthetics, maintenance and value of your home so you need to ensure you're happy with your decision. If you can afford to spend slightly more on your floor upfront it's advisable to invest in a hardwood floor as they're high quality, durable, economical and timeless.


Contact DW Kitchens Nottingham if you would like to discuss your individual requirements. 

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