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The latest must have kitchen gadgets

Updated: May 16, 2020

Kitchens have come a long way over the past few years and they’re becoming ever more efficient as technology evolves. We’ve created some outstanding kitchens during 2018 and have had some great gadget requests from our customers, so we thought we’d share some of our favourites for the tech-lovers out there who are considering a kitchen revamp.

Quooker taps

The new kitchen must have! More and more of our customers are installing a Quooker - a tap that immediately dispenses hot water and negates the need for a traditional kettle. A Dutch invention now used in households all over the world, they are a real game changer for the modern kitchen. They are super efficient and ultra safe! You can choose from a separate boiling water tap with accompanying mixer tap, or a Quooker Flex or Fusion: a single for hot, cold and boiling water. Quooker come in a range of designs and finishes too.

Air venting induction hobs

Air venting induction hobs are one of the latest top kitchen appliance trends and are great for space saving! They combine a powerful cooktop and an effective extractor in one that eliminates the need for having both a hob and a hood in your kitchen. They instantly deal with cooking vapours, drawing air away at the cooker top, which is ideal if you have open planned living and want to avoid lingering cooking odours. There are lots of brands offering air venting induction hobs, so there’s plenty of choice out there. Some of our favourites include Bora, Miele, Bosch and Neff.

Niko Home Niko home is a state of the art system for the modern home. 'Control your lighting, heating, ventilation, shutters, sun blinds and much more' from your tablet or smartphone. You can use an app wherever you are to monitor energy consumption and it's also great for added security to your home thanks to access control and automatic adjustment of lighting!

Integrated Coffee Machines

A perfect purchase for any coffee connoisseur! Technology advancements now makes it possible to brew the perfect cup from a smart integrated coffee appliance. With pre-set coffee programmes, self cleaning functions and instantly dispensed hot water (perfect for making teas and other hot drinks!), an integrated coffee machine is a worthwhile and space saving investment that we will be put to good use for years to come. Various makes and models are available to suit all budget and design requirements.

Sonos speakers

Gone are the days of cumbersome speakers and CD players with endless wires that take up valuable counter space. More and more of our customers are installing Sonos systems into their kitchens. They’re incredible sounding speakers delivery crystal clear sound for music, radio, podcasts, audiobooks and more! Play different music in different rooms, or play the same thing throughout your whole home! Stream music from over 50 music services, managed quickly and easily from a Sonos app. Various speaker options are available.

Got exciting ideas for your new kitchen? Looking for a reputable and reliable Nottingham joinery company to help make it happen? Please get in touch, we'd love to help.

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