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New kitchen Step by step guide

Updated: May 16, 2020

If you are considering a new kitchen and are not sure where to start, our helpful step by step guide will set you off on the right path.

Creating a new kitchen is an exciting time – a new heart to your home! It can also be a big investment, and you will want to make the right choices so that you can be happy with your decisions for years to come.

Before you rush out and get bombarded with showroom sales chat, consider the kind of kitchen you REALLY want and need so that you can make a solid plan.

Think about your needs

What key criteria do you want your kitchen to meet? How do you want to use it? Will it be purely for preparing food, or for entertaining friends and family? Think about what you like and dont like about your existing kitchen and what you would really love in your new one. What would make your space more useable and enjoyable? How much storage do you need? What kind of appliances would suit your needs best? By thinking about all of these things early on, you will have a good solid foundation to build your new kitchen from.

Consider your budget

Be honest about your budget, and make a decision on what you want to spend on your kitchen, including the appliances, splash backs, flooring and finishing touches. Also make sure you have a little rainy day fund set aside, just in case problems arise during the process and you require a few extra pounds to dip in to.

Ensure your kitchen is comfortable

It’s not the most exciting part of the kitchen design process, but it’s one that can make your new kitchen so much more comfortable – plumbing, heating and lighting. Give consideration to where new appliances will go to ensure you have plug points and drainage in place.

Under floor heating is a great choice and can free up space that bulky radiators can take up. Remember this will need to be installed before laying the kitchen floor, so installation will need factoring in early on.

Good lighting is key in a kitchen. Take time to think about where you’ll be preparing food and entertaining and ensure you have adequate flexible lighting solutions in place so that you can light up areas independently.

Choose the right design

There are so many kitchen design option available now, there’s really something to suit everyone’s’ taste and style. Have a good think about the kind of kitchen you’d like. How will it fit into the design of the rest of your home? What colour schemes will work best?

Think about the kind of textures and materials you like, and create a design mood board by tearing images from magazines. Pinterest is also a great place to get ideas and inspiration. Creating a Pinterest board can really help pull your preferred design to life!

Think about the quality of your kitchen. Ask to see samples of doors, fixtures and fittings or visit a showroom so that you can ensure you’ll be investing in quality workmanship.

Work with professionals

We recommend always working with someone who has a positive local reputation and a track record of good installations. A specialist who can take a look at the space, and provide a written and detailed quotation for every part of the job is really important. Someone who can also give valuable advice on layout, design, fixtures and fittings to ensure that you get the best result is key. The way a kitchen is installed is a vital stage of the process; bad workmanship can make a fantastic kitchen look terrible, so we always advise using an expert.

Contact us to find out more about working with DW Kitchens Nottingham on your new kitchen project.

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