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Our top tips for creating your dream kitchen

Updated: May 16, 2020

Tempted to transform your kitchen but feeling slightly overwhelmed by the design possibilities and investment required? Pause before you dip into your hard earned cash, as we share with you some of our expert knowledge and knowhow.

The design and use of the kitchen has changed dramatically over the past century. What was once simply a utility space for preparing food has now become the heart and soul of a home. Whether it be for cooking up a feast, entertaining friends and family, or a space for the kids to create their latest Lego masterpiece - the kitchen really has evolved with our lifestyles over the years and it’s now more important than ever when investing in a new happy space, to get it right.

The golden triangle:

We recommend that whatever shape or size your space is, however awkward, large or small; plan for the cooker, fridge and sink to form a triangle. This will make your workspace so much more functional and easier to use.

Quality materials:

Use high-quality materials that are strong and sturdy such as solid timbers, durable work tops and well-made handles and hinges as these will cope better with the heavy usage each day.

Extra storage:

Make the most of your storage space by running overhead cupboards up to the ceiling rather than leaving a gap, which will ultimately just collect dust. Include deep drawers for pots, pans and kitchen gadgets to save worktops from becoming cluttered.

Good lighting:

We recommend the use of really good lighting in a kitchen. Consider under cabinet lighting that shines onto your work surface and good ceiling lighting to avoid shadows being cast where you’re preparing food.

Design and Colour:

Make it personal. Use design and colours that are thoughtful and reflect your personality to create a warm and inviting space. When choosing your colour palette, really think about the quality and type of natural light and then use colours that compliment it. If your room is north facing for example, the light will be much cooler, so this can require some careful consideration to find colours that bring the space to life. South facing rooms are often flooded with warmer light throughout the day, so lend themselves perfectly to a whole spectrum of colour possibilities!

Trustworthy tradesmen:

We have all heard the horror stories of bad tradesmen, so we recommend working with a trusted business that is well regarded in the local community for their quality workmanship. Having a knowledgeable joiner who can provide enthusiasm, guidance and helpful tips will be a breath of fresh air. It makes a big difference to know that your new kitchen is in safe hands, being delivered on time and without any nasty budget surprises!

Contact us to find out more about our kitchen design and fitting services.

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